- Care advices:

Please read the care instructions on your product for detailed information.

  How to Wash
Our socks are always delivered with a care label on their packaging. However, you should read and follow these instructions carefully so they keep their finest condition and last for a long time.   

- Wash your socks inside-out;   
- Wash your socks on a lower temperature;   
- Use a normal warm or cool medicine wash cycle with regular powder or liquid detergent;  
- Separate light and darks as usual;   
- Don’t use softeners₁;   
- Don’t use bleach₂;   
- Don’t wring.
- COOLMAX fabrics are also easy to care for by allowing machine washing and drying. And they dry quicker too, reducing dryer usage and line dry time. 

- However, it is also possible to wash on a delicate cycle with a detergent that is specifically for wool.

How to dry
You can tumble dry your socks if on low heat, ideally turned inside out.

  How to store
- First check if they are clean.  
- We recomend that you pair your socks and simply fold them together without rolling them into balls. This way your socks wilk keep the shape which means the fibers in the yarns won’t be damaged.  
- Try to avoid the mix of dark coloured and light coloured socks or there may be fibers transfer between pairs.  
- You can use cedar balls to protect from clothes moths.

₁ We do not advice the use of softeners because it will cover the wool fibers reducing their natural potential. The ability to breathe and regulate temperature and moisture may be compromise 

₂ We strongly advice against bleaches use because chlorine (the chemical element) will destroy wool fibers