Socks Length

Socks can be manufactured in different lengths and the terminology can be very confusing. Let’s understand Dhuva’s vocabulary about this variations.  

¾ Crew
This size is not too long neither it is too short. It gives your ankles protection without locking your movements. It’s great for activities like hikes and running.  
Like the word itselfs says, midcalf is the kind of sock that reaches the middle of your calf, half way up to your knee. Both men and women wears this kind of socks that goes well with any shoe in any day. It’s probably the most common height. 

Over the Calf

This length is ideal if you’re looking for socks that embraces your calf and goes up till just below your knee, staying up all day long. It’s commonly used in sport-style socks, for spending time outdoors in cold winter or by those who are ready for statement accessories.  
This size is high, long socks that override your knee. Perfect to wear pulled up with those boots or booties or simply wrinkled down for maximum confort and style.

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