Dhuva deals with different kinds of yarns, natural fibers and human made fibers, depending on the type of product we’re talking about and it’s purpose. For example, the technical socks for high intensity exercises require functional yarns because of the distinctive features like more pressure on different areas of the feet and leg or the ability to manage the extra humidity or even the capacity to resist to greater damage. That's why it's important to know the characteristics of each fiber.
Our offer is composed by several yarns and blends such as 100% Wool, Merino Wool, Lambswool, Cashmere Wool, Cotton, Coolmax among others, as well as fiber combinations.

100% Wool
Wool is a natural animal fibre. Wool fibres are extracted from animals, then they are washed, cleaned and combed several times and only then are ready to be spun into yarn.  If it regulates mammals bodies temperature in different weather conditions, how can it be useful to us? Wool is best known for its warmth due to its excellent insulating properties, it is also characteristically hypoallergenic, breathable and flame-resistant. Wool’s tough fibres makes it for a durable material , resilient and at the same time elastic. Wool has a hairy texture, depending on the fineness of the wool fibres.

Merino Wool
Merino Wool is considered to be one of the softest and finest existant type of wool. It’s secret lies in the exceptionally fine fibers and besides being a pleasant touch experience, it’s very flexible, resilient and durable which makes prevent garments form losing their shape. Merino Wool is made out of keratin which means that has the ability to decompose naturally in the soil. It’s a biodegradable fiber. It has also the particularity of having the presence of lanolin in the latter giving the fabric antibacterial effects. Great for all seasons, it will warm you in the cold and cool you in the heat. Non itchy moisture controller maintains optimal temperature, improves your body’s natural warmth and breathability, giving you long-lasting feeling of confort. Merino Wool is not affected by UV rays with high intensity.

Lambswool is the smoothiest and the softest fleece that comes from a lamb’s first shearing. It’s the top of sheep’s wool, the highest quality , the strongest and very flexible.
Naturally hypoallergenic (less likely to feel that irritating prickle) and resistant to dust mites, it regulates temperature in a way that allows you to use in all seasons. With excellent insulating properties, the special crimp in the wool fibres creates air pockets that retain heat, whilst the harder outer layer repels water.  Wool fibers can be blended with other natural or synthetic fibers to create a wide range of different fabrics.

Cashmere Wool
Cashmere is an extremely soft fabric well known because of its warmth, smoothness, brilliant quality and confort. You can’t easily find a fabric that provides such good insulation (comfortable for use in the transitional seasons too) and air flow at the same time. Although everyone can benefit from this attribute, this is very usefull for people who sweat a lot. Its lightweight yarns provides breathability this means more movement and flexibility for the wearer.  

Cotton is a soft, absorbent, breathable and natural fiber (almost pure cellulose) that grows in the seedpod of the cotton plant. It is known for it’s performance, confort and versatilily and unlike synthetic fibres it ain’t got chemicals which makes it non-allergenic. Cotton is also thermoregulator, this means it can keep your body’s temperature adjusted to the climate: cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold.  

Coolmax is a high tech fabric developed to keep users cool, dry and comfortable.  It’s a polyester fiber designed to move moisture away from the body and out onto the surface of the garment for quick evaporation. This is why it’s usually related to sports activities or physical effort (sweat can evaporate faster so the wearer is kept dry). Among these are other properties that include durability, resistance to fading, shrinking and wrinkling, helps avoid odour and blisters and still being soft to the skin. Therefore, CoolMax is found in a large variety of garments from mountain climbing gear, to casual sportswear and underwear.