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Only in black these unisex stockings in mild compression for legs riddance, have a flat, smooth toe and leg seam even for skin protection and maximum comfort.

These socks are made for diabetic people or for those with poor blood circulation. Its design minimizes friction and avoids constriction giving your legs and feet some relief from the common swelling tendencies in this cases.

 Triple pack.

Benefits & Features:

- reduce pressure in the lower leg and foot;

- protect from friction rubs, blisters and ulcers 

- do not wrinkle and cause discomfort

- tops stay up without restricting circulation

Wash & Care Advices:

- Machine wash, water temperature max. 30ºC or 86ºF

- Tumble dry low temperature

- Do not iron

- Do not bleach

- Do not dry clean                                                                  

- Do not wring

- Exact instructions on the care label


100% Cotton

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