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The socks everyone should wear each time they travel, whether your going by car, bus, train or plane or in case you stand up for long periods of hours. 
When you are not moving much, your blood moves slower in the lower part of the leg which can cause a blood clot that may be life-threatening or a DVT (Deep Venous Thrombosis).
Therefore, by wearing compression socks you can control swelling as well as blood clots once they increase the blood flow allowing more oxygen circulation.

This 2 pack allows you to get two pairs, one plain and one bicolor of effective compression stockings that look after your style. 

Wash & Care Advices:

- Machine wash gentle or delicate, water temperature max. 30ºC or 86ºF
- Do not tumble dry
- Do not iron
- Do not bleach
- Do not dry clean
- Do not wring
- Exact instructions on the care label


65% Cotton
33% Polyamide
  2% Elastane

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